I will become what I deserve

photo by eringail. art by raven roxanne.

photo by eringail. art by raven roxanne.

I’ve been worrying that my time here’s a little unclear // I’ve been worrying that that I’m losing the ones I hold dear // I’ve been worrying that we all live our lives in the confines of fear

It’s been a few years since I’ve seriously blogged. The posts used to come daily. Days turned to weeks into months into years. Where did my words go? Where were the thoughts I wanted to put into posts and share with all of you? I’ve been searching for my inspiration with no luck. But my friends, they saw my struggle and reminded me that my voice wasn’t just for myself. My thoughts and words have value outside of my own mind. So, here I am.

My inspiration is this website. It’s the people who made this gift possible. It’s their love and encouragement that has brought me back to this place where my words can flow freely. I cannot say thank you enough.

Welcome to my new blog. Let’s be adventurers of life together.

Now listening: Ben Howard – Every Kingdom

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